Tuesday, 21 May 2013


Something possessed me, and I bought the Celine fur Birkenstock-style sandals, or FURKENSTOCKS. They're not exactly beautiful, and they could hardly be less practical, and yet... 

Actually, there's no deep explanation. I'm a victim of the zeitgeist, and had been itching to get my hands on some of Phoebe Philo's Celine, without doing a Kanye and wearing a blouse or doing a blogger and mincing around with a handbag. Furthermore, I've always loved a fashion gimmick (things like the £2,000 Chanel bag fashioned after a Chinese takeaway box) but normally they're confined to items of womenswear which, unlike the FURKENSTOCKS, can't be passed off as menswear even remotely. It's postmodernism and shit. 

They're a bit mesmerising. I think it's all the tension in the design: the odd contrast between the clumpy sandal and the fur. Feet on fur has got to be a fetish. I took some pictures wearing them barefoot but they looked like they belonged on a "specialist" website.

Shaun Samson kitty T-shirt - best gift EVER from Lucy, Grace & Sian.

Love my awful Nike tourist bag. Great for stashing meds on the go!

And speaking of Nike, the AirMax 2013's which I customised with NikeID (all in black, naturally) arrived at last:

Wearing with Rick Owens DRKSHDW cropped parka:

I'm getting more and more into slightly cyborg-y sportswear design. Really want a Nike FuelBand - for the 90s-futuristic aesthetic, not for health purposes, OBVS.

This RO jacket is one of my most worn items. I think it's FW10 season?


dark vibez:

This sums up what I think about fashion at the moment:

Edit: also love the fur-on-top ones which Jayne (STOPITRIGHTNOW) got 


  1. I get the zeitgeist. If I could, i would buy all he Chanel Boy bags released so far. Also I do love the Celine sunglasses from this season.

  2. I am glad you have these. Black sock furkenstock combo yes indeed.

  3. Did all these companies really pay you for this awful post?

  4. oh the purple carpeting. it has actually become a part of your brand as much as your sass is :)

  5. Birkenstocks needing a defetishising element must be a trend. Burberry’s SS13 metallic acid yellow sandals look fab over navy socks on the catwalk, but over bare feet look like someone’s been wading through a urinal. Check out the Matches product page and your eyes will burn.

  6. What do you think about white socks? i see them sometimes with sandals.

  7. u just helped me to make my mind abt these airmx ! i love them ! it is killing me nike id does not do international !

  8. Magic! I'm eyeing off the same sandals in all-black. What are they like to actually walk in? Do the horrors actually stay parked on your feet? I've a vision of me wearing it with all-black snap pants and the new Raf floral shirt, peeling potatoes on the floor in a crouch. I'd like you to enable me as much as possible.

  9. amazing photos :)

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  10. Crap I got the exact same Nikes last month, although I only wear them in the gym. I always start 'id'ing things on Nike and it ends up 100% black.

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  12. Nao dá, gata.
    Nao dá pra conviver com isso.

  13. The thing is about those Celine shoes is that they just look so...comfy? Like standing on a really fluffy rug all the time and even outdoors, magic!