Wednesday, 3 April 2013


Hello! I'm back. And I've been shopping, so I have things to share.

Above: Undercover by Jun Takahashi T-shirt, Adidas sweatpants, Prada shoes.

Below: Raf Simons spring/summer 2006 bomber jacket. It's like the less extreme version of my SS03 parachute bomber.

Bottega Veneta, bitch!!!

Below: Undercover by Jun Takahashi T-shirt, Zara sweatpants, Nike Wardour Max 1 desert boots

New Bad Habit #1 -- wearing skinny sweatpants out of the house

New Bad Habit #2 -- wearing puffer vests. This one is Woolrich.

New Bad Habit #3 -- buying expensive and tacky Italian bags in sample sales. This one is Gucci:

Starck x Mikli PL0741 in black.

I tried to smile once but it hurt.

PS. I'm trying to update my Tumblr blog more frequently with angry rants


  1. i love the GUCCI bag!

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  4. Found you on was..a somewhat weird journey, I guess. I was commenting on someone else's photo..He was wearing a great bow tie. Then, I ended up clicking on a photo of a chick wearing a great bow tie in the "Styles You Might Like" (or something to that effect) section. Some over-priced UK designer. I forget. Then, in that same section, your picture popped up and I clicked on it to find you wearing this crazy lego bow tie and I loved it. I started clicking through more of your styles and I just loved it all. Then, I saw that the photos were from four years ago. Haha. Man, you really left a void on that website. Glad to see you're still posting. Love the mix of art and fashion. Keep it up!

    Hope you don't mind if I continue to follow your work (albeit silently heh) on Bloglovin'!

    - Anna (I wouldn't even bother investigating my origins, you'll just be disappointed heh)

  5. your blog is amazing. will come to see you everyday !! love !!

  6. Cool outfit! :) By the way could we follow each other on Bloglovin and/or GFC, Facebook?

    Please leave me a comment on my blog and I will follow you!

    You can also like my Facebook page.

  7. oh get you. Those Nike's are sick, as they say on the street

  8. Bottega Veneta and Prada, good choices.


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  11. what's the name of the adidas sweatpants?

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