Thursday, 22 March 2012


Protect me from what I want (Times Square, 1982) by Jenny Holzer.

This post is a list of things which I would buy immediately if I won the lottery / found a sugar-daddy / had a credit card (heaven forbid the latter should ever come to pass, or I would be bankrupt and in the workhouse faster than you can say "two blacked-out Rolex's and an Yves Saint Laurent holdall, please").

As it happens, I probably won't buy any of the things here (my "consumer confidence" is at an all time low, what with the criminal amount I have to spend at the doctor and dermatologist each month, and the impending doom of having to change the prescription lenses in four pairs of glasses), BUT I WISH I COULD HAVE EVERYTHING LISTED BELOW.

Above: RAF SIMONS X T-shirt (as we now know, inspired by Raf's love of The XX), thick-collar T-shirt, sleeveless T-shirt & short-sleeve shirt (bit of colour there - CHILL OUT, OK).

Below: NEW BALANCE 420, 575, and 373. ALL SOLD OUT EVERYWHERE FOREVER IN ALL NORMAL SIZES FOR ETERNITY. Which is a shame, because they are exactly what I want to wear on my feet at the moment. I have had it with impossibly uncomfortable Prada creepers / derbies.

RICK OWENS leather jacket. It's all about matte leather. Shiny leather jackets always have something of the small-time Bulgarian gangster about them.

Right, LANVIN time. Alber and Lucas are coming out with some seriously good stuff at the moment, all of which is imminently buy-able. It's one of the few designer brands consistently doing black things well, and we all know how I feel about clothes and accessories which aren't black..

LANVIN double-breasted jacket.

LANVIN leather bomber jacket.

Suede and patent leather sneakers. I have a pair of these from the season when Lanvin first did them (FW06, or perhaps SS07), and they have been repeated every season since then. I know they're pretty ubiquitous now, but there is something very visually pleasing about them. The pair I have is brown, so I think it's time to invest in black.

LANVIN creepers. Show me a platform sole (extra height = closer to god) and I'll overlook a slightly off shaped toe..

LANVIN tote bag. Obsessed with Lanvin bags since I bought my first tote/shopper last year.

LANVIN leather bag. This is actually called a "sartorial document holder," but I think I could put it to work better as a chic way to cart around all my pharmaceuticals.

LANVIN messenger bag. This might be too colourful for me, but I love the design.

LANVIN SS11 sandals. Still want these... and they have just popped up on Yoox, and I do love finding my inner German backpacker...

BURBERRY corduroy Isaac shirt. Hello Isaac.

KOLOR raw-edge T-shirt. I think I have lost enough weight doing my no carbs, no dairy, no food diet to pull off a raw seam without looking like a BIG FAT FRAYING FRUMP, and I just love a T-shirt in a thick material..

LUMINOX watches. Not as preferable as a customised, all-black Rolex, but with the entry price of those at £10,000, these are more immediately affordable. And they're tough and manly and shit, because US Navy SEALs wear them.

BALMAIN silk vest. Well this is a first, something from Balmain Homme which isn't utter ..... Nice little layering piece, this one:

LOEWE leather wallet. I really want this for the tassel... Loewe does the best, slightly modernist leather tassels. I think I would take it off the wallet and attach it to my keys. And, I mean leather pouches are always useful by themselves (for hiding all the things you don't want people to see when your bag inevitably falls open spilling its contents all over a packed train carriage), so it's a win-win situation really.
MISSONI HOME beach towels for the sunny, exotic holiday I am not going on this year. I already have the matching bathrobe #trufact.

BALENCIAGA black and grey glasses. I haven't indulged my fetish for thick-rimmed eyewear for quite a while... might be time for another fix:

PORTER leather bag. Can't go wrong with a bit of Porter by Yoshida.

MAISON MARTIN MARGIELA metal and plastic chain. Generally hate men's jewellery, but a few Margiela pieces this season are prompting me to have a slight re-think..

MAISON MARTIN MARGIELA ring & ring & ring. I think one of these worn with an all black / dark grey super-minimal outfit would be quite effective..

BURY ME, I AM DEAD, etc., the YSL bags are too good this season:

Vavin duffle bag.

Hamptons travel bag.

Chyc holdall.

More posts soon & thank you for reading.