Friday, 15 June 2012


Earlier today I was speaking to a publicist who is in charge of the guest list for a party during the upcoming London Collections: Men (London’s first attempt at a menswear fashion week), and you would not believe some of the blagging which fashion industry ‘professionals’ (to use the term lightly) indulge in when they’re trying to score an invite. It’s toe curling, wince-inducing stuff. You get editorial assistants claiming that their editors said they could have their tickets (when, of course, the editors hadn’t said that); a million variations on the old “my invite must have got lost in the post” story; people who really have no right or reason to attend (other publicists who work at rival PR firms, for example) making thinly-veiled ‘threats’ of ‘consequences’ if they aren’t put on the guest list because of their tenuous connections to the advertisers who work with the company behind the event (talk about clutching at straws); and, of course, the classic “but don’t you know who I am?”

Someone actually used the line “but I’m the SENIOR showroom executive (whatever that means) at XXXX,” where XXXX is what you might call a B to C-list brand. Someone else (a total non-entity, I might add) without an invite actually complained that they were "better qualified" to attend the party than other people who they knew had been invited (!) before telling the publicist that she did not know how to do her job properly. This self-serving, egotistical attitude, which comes to the fore among certain fashion professionals whenever there is promise of anything ‘exclusive,’ is shameful. Unfortunately this industry is full of braindeads who care about nothing except blagging free things and living ‘the lifestyle’ on someone else’s buck. Then there's the whole political aspect too: "I won't come if X is also invited" "Why did X publication get 10 invites and we only got 7" etc. I avoid 90% of fashion events because I can't bear the whole circus that surrounds them. The sucking-up, the rubber-necking, the fake smiles… it poisons what I love about fashion, so I stay away from it all.

Last night, though, I made an exception to my no-events policy and attended the press launch of PQ Eyewear, the latest project from the legendary architect and product designer Ron Arad. The chance to meet Mr Arad himself, and have a look inside his North London studio, was too much to resist. And the pleasant surprise was that the glasses (opticals and sunglasses) were genuinely amazing too.

As a long-time glasses wearer, I fully agreed with the project’s conceit that there is not enough innovation or newness in the eyewear industry, something which is particularly evident when you consider that about 80% of the ‘high end’ glasses out there are yawn-worthy, logo-adorned frames made under license by a handful of big companies.

Arad aims to change all this with two new concepts: the ‘A’ frame which has an adjustable bridge for superior comfort and fit (it’s amazing nobody has thought of this before), and the incredible goggle-like sunglasses in the CORBS range, which have articulated sides rather than hinges. One pair was made from a single piece of high-tech material which had been created in a 3-D printer. And the cases, transparent lozenges with a silicone rubber brush which holds the frame in place, are something else.

Seriously innovative and stylish stuff, as you would expect from Ron Arad, whose work I greatly admire. He came out with some cracking one-liners too: “my glasses are like my chairs, you can sit on them and they will not break” and “glasses without adjustable bridges make about as much sense as a belt with only one hole.” There are about four models I want, the only downside being the retail prices which hover around the £500 per pair mark. Still, they are in themselves beautiful design objects, and the quality seemed to be outstanding.

I'm not sure if these slightly flat pictures really do the glasses justice. I might see if I can borrow some pairs from the PR and shoot them myself, so stay tuned.

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  1. Hmmm I completely agree with the rant about people complaining/demanding tickets to things. Either take what your given or at least request *politely*. Although I disagree with the statement that "publicists who work at rival PR firms" have "no right or reason to attend". PRs seems to move companies so frequently that they all know/have worked with each other one point or another so it's probable that they are friends and will invite one another. I've also seen many PRs promoting their friends' brands on Twitter etc, even if their company doesn't personally represent them.

    (P.S. If you hate the schmoozing side of fashion so much, why do you work in fashion retail?)

    1. Eugh, proofread before clicking "Publish". *you're *at one point Really shouldn't comment before my coffee.

  2. i've never really been to a "fashion" party, i just can't see myself in that world. press events i can do as i can keep myself to myself and i guess with the normal people, but a party. i'm not sure.

    those glasses are such nice objects to look at (even though you won't be doing much looking at them)

  3. Thank you for that article. (glasses part)
    I'm not allergic anymore to all the fashion collaborations with new technologies. It's is really going in the good direction now.

  4. Hmmm i wonder which party that was????! I only go to fashion parties for the free booze - there I said it. (Oh and the fabulous company of course Duck.) Couldn't care less about schmoozing or rubbernecking, once you've seen one Saturday you've seen em all. I'm glad you love the PQs, although as someone else said, at £500-£900, you really don't want to forget those in a cab...

    1. Although meeting Jon Hamm might be once in a lifetime :(

  5. Sweet Jesus, some of the glasses are realy amazing! The first one make me think of the famous recent miu miu ones:


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  7. Aside from yes the glasses being all really cool and stuff, I agree on how you feel about the frustration on people blagging their way into these stuff!
    what do they honestly feel they can achieve from entering a party or even where NO ONE knows them?! there's no sucking up to begin with. plus it's sad how they hold on to what little credentials they might have or have been given and exaggerate it with titles and labels and fluff that PRs can smell from a season ago... I get pissed off when I got an invite to shows and waiting to get in but a bunch of high school fast fashion buyers are blocking my entrance trying to score a standing ticket by blagging their way in... if you're gonna blag, do it better where no one suspects you, heck, steal an actual invite if you're that ballsy and dress like carine or anna if you dare, that'll be a laugh worth having... "Hi, I'm anna wintour's double, she sent me to socialize cos the real me is at another event..." (sure, go on right in ms 'winter'!) lol

    xx nathan.niche

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