Tuesday, 5 June 2012


This blog is still alive. You could say it has more life than a Beverly Hills morgue with Lindsay Lohan doing community service

Here is a list of things I bought at the Raf Simons archive sale in April:

FW01 jacket:

FW03 sweater with Peter Saville graphics:

SS02 shirt:

FW04 shirt with removable back panel, and José Ortega y Gasset quote:

SS05 T-shirt with Giordano Bruno references:

SS05 T-shirt with Brian Eno references:

FW98 mesh top:

FW97 T-shirt:

Here are some non-Raf things I have recently purchased:

Junya Watanabe FW07 boiled wool zip shirt:

Helmut Lang year ? down-filled vest:

These are basically the only three pairs of shoes I'm wearing regularly at the moment:

New Balance M373 and Prada's.

Oh also:


  1. fucking amazing purchases.

  2. oh my gosh you're back! i missed you so much... kisses from your anon admirer

  3. peter, are you wearing something beneath this jacket on the first pic? i guess not *soft core porn material* kisses from your anon admirer

  4. you're so pretty jesus

  5. Can we make a love child?
    Sending love from New Zealand.

  6. i guess you've stopped eating rusks and being milk fed. u've lost the baby fat...what gives?


  7. In love with your tardy flight catching story. And your old Starck x Alain Mikli glasses! Hootchie mama.

  8. Good to hear from you again, was wondering where you went after chicago. I got something that might interest you to have a bit of a read about since you were part of who inspires me to start a blog. My blog is new!

    Read this: Prada Runway Shoes

  9. Love your blog, you should let your hair grow :)

  10. what skin products you use on your face? looks flawless!

  11. yes this blog is so alive!
    so jeal + happppy for your black clothings. I went thrifting today and got this tommi hilfiger weeird photo print boy shirt that has intense football match scene. hard to explain. but i think you'll like it. something about sport... that's so fascinating like a non-sporty person like me. you are always so impeccabble!

  12. ugh your commentary is so good. I'm jealous that you feel so comfortable in black all the time, I can't think of a single black thing in my wardrobe except some trousers. Then again, I was probably one of the only people wearing colour when I met you in Paris! Your Raf collection must be looking pretty impressive nowadays, although I have to say (and this will probably annoy you) that the Junya wool shirt is one of my favourite things out of this selection. Love your New Balance, and the glasses are so classic, I have long been a fan of transparent frames although for my last pair I opted for dark grey transparent so its not too obvious unfortunately. It is so nice to hear that somebody else has used Roaccutane! I took it for about a year a couple of years ago but since then my acne relapsed so I am back on them currently - what a bore! Anyway, love the SS05 tshirt

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  14. how did i not know about your blog? it's amazing.
    you've got a new fan

  15. Holy fuck the José Ortega y Gasset shirt is amazing. Was gonna by a sweater version on eBay but I'll hold out for that now. Not that I'll ever find it. Awesome purchases.

  16. wow
    amasing purchases!
    how could I know in advance the next Raf Simons archive sale?