Tuesday, 23 August 2011


Just back from the Treehotel in northern Sweden.

The Treehotel is owned by Kent and Britta Lindvall who are very friendly and welcoming. They also run Brittas Pensionat, a quaint 1950’s themed guest house a 10 minute walk from the tree houses, which is the base for the Treehotel, and where they serve meals.

Magic mushrooms everywhere
I didn't take these, they are courtesy of Treehotel:

Inside The Cabin:
Inside The Blue Cone:
The shower and sauna hut:


  1. These buildings are snazzy.

  2. God it has just taken me FOREVER to do my hapsical catching-up! You have been doing so much travelling recently, I've got no idea how you manage to take so much time off work (and actually its a bit nosy but I was wondering what exactly you do at Mr Porter?)! I'm sure I have seen the treehotel before, probably in one of the glossy magazines you mentioned! The mirrorcube looks amazing, and I love the shape of the UFO though I'm not sure if the interiors match up too well, they don't look spacey enough! I remember that Amanresorts was the first post I ever saw of yours, so you will probably be jealous to hear I've been in Bali having a bit of an Aman-fest! (Amanwana on Moyo Island is amazong by the way if you are planning your next holiday already!). And just so I don't leave loads of comments cluttering your other posts- love the last pair of Prada shoes you have on order, I look forward to a post on them maybe if I'm lucky! Gotta say your AW wishlist is looking pretty monochrome, though I guess winter is generally the darker, more monotonous season!

    P.S. Love the Barbican video you shot, in a Raf t-shirt of course! My sister is at school there so I'm quite familiar with all that concrete!

  3. Wow I have been to Sweden many a time before but never anywhere like this! Have added it to my imaginary itinerary for whenever I get to go next!

    Also I love the shots of the mushrooms, they are so beautiful :-)


  4. now the tree house takes on a whole new meaning! Those "tree house" are beyond awesome!


  5. I never knew such an amazing place existed. I'm definitely going there one day.

  6. the glass house looks stunning, but i do feel sorry for the birds..

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  8. wow AMAZING PHOTOS, The hotel is a little shabby and is in need of a refurb however it is very cheap for Oxford and is located in a very quiet, pretty village. The walk into Oxford is an idyllic stroll along the river which we really enjoyed. The breakfast that was included was very good, we never ate in the restaurant in the evening. Overall, it was a good value option but I wouldn't stay there again.