Sunday, 27 February 2011


| Image from Flickr roc78 | Jil Sander fragrance ad | Interior shot of the Everson Museum of Art by I. M. Pei | Mies van der Rohe architecture | Jil Sander FW07 ad shot by Willy Vanderperre | Chair by Nendo | Chair by Nendo | Jil Sander by Raf Simons | Vintage Audi ad | chair by Vincent Van Duysen | Richard Meier interior | ? | Prada FW98 ad | Copenhagen subway | Jil Sander FW00 ad via cotonblanc |

| ? | ? | Interior by Norm Architects | Stitched illustration by Peter Crawley | same as previous | ? | Kate Moss for Calvin Klein | image via GHG | National Bank of Denmark by Arne Jacobsen | Body Work by Steven Klein for American Vogue in 1995, via cotonblanc | same as previous | Elda chair by Joe Colombo | Glass Decanter with Charcoal Purifier from Pedlars | ? | Jil Sander FW07 ad shot by Willy Vanderperre | Bodil Kjaer furniture | ? | Art Museum Bregenz interior | Jil Sander ad | Model by Theo van Doesburg |

| Braun by Dieter Rams | ? | Alvar Aalto dish | Jil Sander SS07 ad | photo by Flickr 96dpi | Out of Line by Sean Ellis for American Vogue in 1998 via cotonblanc | John Yellen furniture | Richard Meier architecture | Bang & Olufsen MX series television | Arne Jacobsen Oxford chairs | ? | Ferrari top view | ? | Arne Jacobsen (super rare) Catherine chair and footstool, series 4335 | image via GHG | ? | image via GHG | ? | image via GHG | The Sleeping Muse (1909-10) by Constantin Brancusi |

From cheekbones to clothes, via architecture and product design, I can never resist some beautiful clean lines.

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  1. thank god for your blog.

    we think the same, these are mindblowingly beautiful.

  2. These mood board posts are great I haven't not liked one the more architecture and furniture ones have been my favourites so far. And thank you for the comment on my blog it was really nice of you. I was wondering if you had seen Frédéric Chaubin's book of Photography on the Last days of Soviet Architecture I thought that you would enjoy it greatly.
    The Guardian did a piece on it

  3. Nice! I was thinking of doing some architecture too. I love how Jil Sander crops up so much, it is true her clothes are so architectural and yet simple, she's definitely in my top 3 designers!

  4. One of the best posts so far!(except the one's with Alexander McQueen :">)

  5. could i ask what year you were born in?

    this post is so reminiscent of my childhood, just the feel/mood of it.. although my memory now seems to have tainted this style as retro, whereas you have a great eye for making it seem so romantic? if that makes sense? Just slightly freaked out that I spotted you had posted the Bang & Olufsen TV set (ours is all black) which we have at home and growing up my brother and I would play with a similar toy ferrari model car you posted up too, which we never valued and teared out the plastic seats.

    I very much admire your style ethos, it's very intriguing I always look forward to your posts x

  6. Thanks for the comments!

    @elsydotcom I was born in 1990, so probably later than the design era you're referring to (as odd as my childhood was, I was not appreciating product design aged 5..), but I am rather obsessed with mid '80s to mid '90s design. Incidentally I think that Bang & Olufsen TV is one of the best designed TVs (and products) of all times. I would love to have one now, if only having a non-LCD/plasma TV didn't seem so perverse in 2011..

  7. @Michael M I am definitely going to check that out, it looks right up my street

  8. immense immense immense immense immense immense immense immense immense immense immense immense immense immense.

    i finally made it down to the barbican area last week, i've been wanted to go for a couple of years and i remember your post on it, took a couple of snaps of it too. as i said above, it was immense and made me feel slightly like i should be there(as i was walking on the upraised streets, nobody was there as well as not realising just how many people had accommodation there). i did a post on it. will have to check out these b & o tvs that you guys are chatting about too. the BT stitching is so cool, the words "why didn't i think of that" spring to mind. really enjoyed this post, will be coming back to it for sure.