Sunday, 30 January 2011


I was in Paris last weekend for the incredible Raf Simons show (blog post HERE). I manage to fit in a lot of other things too.. it's amazing how long a weekend away can seem. This is a selection of photos that I took..

The Mondrian and De Stijl exhibition at the Pompidou Centre is SO GOOD..

The Pompidou Centre's permanent collection of modern art is also outrageously good..

Fernand Léger is one of my favourite artists. This picture is allegedly of swimmers, but I always think of it as the jelly baby orgy:

Miró is brilliant.. I love the facial expression on the little sperm-like creature:

At the Colette water bar.. I wish we had somewhere similar in London (ie. hideously trendy but in a rather dated early '00s kind of way, surprisingly good, simple food, Suzy Menkes at the next table, and over 25 obscenely over-priced types of bottled water)..

Pucci print in Colette:

Christopher Kane galaxy print dresses:

Jeff Koons inspired necklaces:

Cassette Playa jewellery:

I love the architecture of the Comme des Garçons perfume store, just around the corner from Colette:

Amazing window display at the Hôtel Costes fragrance shop.. the two lightbulb like containers were gently swinging and when they crossed over you got this amazing visual effect with the rose. The French do shop windows so well.. there is a real art to their retail displays, right the way down from Rue Saint-Honoré to small bakeries and food shops.

Missoni bear:

Hermès' very frothy but rather compelling window displays:

I saw the 1990-2000 fashion exhibition at the Musée des Arts Décoratifs. There were loads of amazing things on display, but overall the exhibition wasn't that brilliant, not least because many of the things on display were actually from after 2000, and several important designers from the period like Moschino and Jil Sander were entirely absent. Suzy Menkes did an interesting article (here) about the exhibition and the difficulties the curator faced in getting fashion houses to lend anything to be displayed. Lanvin by Claude Montana:

Dolce & Gabbana metal corset (but from 2007):

Gucci by Tom Ford:

John Galliano:

Viktor & Rolf:

Hussein Chalayan:

Loved Vivienne Westwood's pheasant hat:

Also loved Jean Paul Gaultier's outrageous denim jeans and white feathers dress:

Gaultier parrot jacket:

Palais de Tokyo:

Always interesting to see what the BlackBlock design shop there is selling:

This was cool.. a properly bound paperback book with blank pages inside to fill:

Brain swimming cap!

There is a brilliant design book and magazine shop in the Palais de Tokyo too..

This book features some mind-blowing interiors:

Kenzo book is really nicely done.. fabric covers, textured pages inside, even a 'pop up' spread:

So many design/art books I need. I long for the day when I can happily drop €50 on beautifully bound, niche-interest design books, to add them to my gracious Karl Lagerfeld-esque home library (i.e. never, but it's alright to dream..)

I stayed in this bizarre hotel..I was attracted by the brutalist architecture (can never resist some ugly concrete action) and the very 'un-Paris' thing of being high rise and located above a huge shopping mall at Porte Maillot. Normally I stay in 'very Paris' quaint little boutique-y places in the Marais, but I thought I'd try something totally different. The hotel wasn't very good really, but the view from my room on the 28th floor was spectacular..

The hotel was really random and quite funny... the hallways and the lounge felt like a 1970s time warp, and quite possible hadn't been change at all since it was built in 1974. In the bathroom, in front of the imitation photo-print marble, there was a slightly past-it, wilted rose left lying on the counter rather unceremoniously.

Check those dark ceilings, patterned carpets and inlaid marble patterns.. groovy!

Interesting arrangement in the 'club lounge'.. check the stone-effect cladding too!
The time to return to London came far too quickly..

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  1. Amazinng photos once again. Makes me wanna go to Paris now. I really need that Neighbour revenge cd.

  2. thanks for the update - i'll be back in april ;)

  3. Those books are funny, I loved walking up the Centre Pompidou to the gallery on the top floors. Especially since most of paris is so flat. I lost all my old photos so I HAVE to go back now ;)

  4. UGH! take me with you next time you go please??!!! gahhh I want to go to Paris so FUCKING bad!!!! I love all the photo's everything looks so beautiful and enchanting!
    oh and the white robe looks cute on you haha

  5. J'adore the JPG Dana International parrot dress. Viva La Diva!

  6. nice pictures, i miss pompidou !!!!

  7. My favorite is the Hermes window...that visualist must have had so much fun :D

  8. Haha I absolutely love the way you see modern paintings -it might be really interesting hanging out at Pompidou with you (I personally don't care about modern art)! ;)

  9. gorgeous, every single one! I miss Paris so much.


  10. i can't possibly comment on everything i want to as there's so much and i've forgot what i wanted to say but the hotel does look really weird. with you on the brutal stuff, the pattern on the hall carpet is odd.

    i love the post you do like this, just loads of images. i've now had this post open on my browers for about 3 hours