Friday, 29 October 2010


Many thanks are due to Hapsical reader E Morris for pointing out that a Korean eBay seller is currently using a picture of me from January 2009 without my permission to flog fake Lanvin shoes!

It's definitely one of the funniest things that's happened to me thanks to my "online presence," up there with my Facehunter picture being made fun of on Spanish television (3:50 in).

It gets better, though. In this celebrity line up which is also part of the listing we've got Usher, Jay Z, Jude Law, David Beckham, Lanvin designers Alber Elbaz and Nicholas Ossendrijver... and me! Look at me working that Castelbajac coat, worn inside out, and that McQueen knit...

I love how the fake shoe they're selling is like an hideous hybrid of several different Lanvin pairs combined. I'm sure I should be outraged, but it just makes me laugh. It's a nice touch how they've taken my picture without permission and then put their watermark on top! Maybe I need to get a pair, to wear alongside my (real) ones?

In case you missed it, THIS recent Reuters report into the industry of fakes in China is really interesting.


  1. Hey, I just watched that spanish show and I loved that photo of you.
    I must admit though, it is kinda funny.

  2. It's quite flattering I bet to be included with all those people!

    There is also a recent article on the knockoff sneaker industry on the New York Times recently:

    Pretty interesting how quick they churn out the counterfeits and how the business works.

  3. Korea is not 3rd world...

  4. You're right, I'm such a pumpkin

  5. keke, yes, please watch out for Korean netizens, it may get quite ugly they find out this comment ... actually korea is famous for edgy brands replicas and 'inspired' items ...

  6. ha how weird! i've seen images from blogs on ebay sellers before actually. facehunter's pics pop up from time to time.

    you, usher and david, when do you find time to hang out!

  7. I think that when one creates an amazing functional garment they can only expect copies to begin popping up - Alber is a genius who creates what happends after that is cannon fodder - check out