Saturday, 30 October 2010

Camper by Bernhard Willhelm

As soon as I saw these Camper high tops by Bernhard Willhelm I knew that I had to rush to the Camper shop and get them, because I can never resist a demented shoe. They're about the second craziest shoes ever, after my Raf Simons SS08 'Lego' shoes.

Camper has done designer collabarations before, but the results have never been as striking as this. I like the fact that they look 'high fashion' and they seem to be really good quality, but were priced at Camper, rather than designer, prices.

The problem with shoes like this is that they are really difficult to wear without looking stupid, but I love them as objects in themselves. Becuase of all the plastic and suede they have that new car smell (which various fatuous 'surveys' often claim is the smell that men find the biggest turn-on, usually listed after frying bacon). I find the visuals more exciting than the smell. I just can't get over that crazy zig-zag sole.

I'm wore them today with an Armani Jeans hooded shirt, Raf Simons sweater and Topman jeans. I'm not convinced about this outfit, but the shoes don't exactly lend themselves to many different combinations.

I love this Armani Jeans shirt. It's from Armani's second 'lowest' line and it's six years old, but it is still in perfect condition and I think it looks quite timeless. It's brilliant how Armani's attention to detail and quality extends right down to his Jeans range.


  1. Those are crazy cool. I still like your Raf legos better though!

  2. Love the shoes.. how amazing :) and i like the shirt as well very nice outfit. I wish you a spooky halloween

  3. love them, love bw! coordination seems ok

  4. though i don't know if you have the same problem but camper's sizing is so bad for me -much too big or too small somehow ...

  5. I agree they're a bit challenging to pull off, but they're so comfy as well as eye-catching!

    I bought the womens version (see

    No regrets :)

  6. This shoes are too cool, like the way you wore them :)

  7. you got them! i was oggling over then when they got released on oki ni last month or so. i do think theyre pretty amazingly priced and designed.

    camper are my comfiest shoes, bar none

  8. They look like they belong to a papoose...


  9. They also come in black with red laces for those who like the style but are feeling a little less adventurous with color.

    I love mine!!