Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Paul Smith Jeans Fall/Winter 2010

I think Paul Smith is a fantastic designer, and I love his mainline collections and brilliant tailoring, but until now Paul Smith Jeans (his "lowest" diffusion line) was not on my fashion radar at all. I've picked up a few great pieces from Armani Jeans in my time, but normally big designers' jeans lines are nothing to get excited about. At least, that was my thinking until I saw the Paul Smith fall/winter 2010 look book images, with Yuri Pleskun modeling the clothes.

Yuri Pleskun is my favourite male model, because he really is cool as f---. It actually hurts how cool his look is. But regardless of this, I think the clothes look good, and I love the styling and photography too.

Paul Smith Jeans has a neat little standalone website too, here.

If I'm not careful I'll probably end up buying the lot even though it's really not my style, under the misapprehension that it'll make me look a bit less like me and a bit more like Yuri..

Edit: the jeans with the eyes on them are SO GOOD!


  1. the eye jeans! wicked style. yeah, makes me want a winter coat

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