Friday, 12 February 2010

Alexander McQueen, 1969 - 2010

I didn't know Lee McQueen, and had never even met him, but I am crying as I type this, mourning the loss of one of fashion's greatest designers. That thousands and thousands of people around the world have been moved to tears by the death of a designer whom they had never even met, is testament to his unbelievably incredible work, which has been so important in defining fashion as we know it since the early 1990s.

My reaction was one of utter disbelief and horror when I glanced up at one of the screens at the gym earlier today and saw 'Alexander McQueen confirmed dead' all over the rolling news channels. It just seemed so surreal... how could he be gone? The man behind the alien shoes, the infamous 'bumster' trousers, the skull scarves that every European seems to covet, the genius behind some of the most incredible prints and tailoring and evening wear ever seen... the mastermind behind shows which featured giant taxidermy and a model in a white dress being spray-painted by robotic arms, among hundreds of other mind blowing ideas.

It still hasn't really sunk in - despite the news channels' crass insistence on broadcasting his body, beneath a dark red cloth, being removed from his London home - and I haven't had time to gather my thoughts, but over these next few days I will make it a priority to read all about Alexander McQueen, to look into his early collections (the ones that go way further back than the archives do) both for Givenchy and under his own name, and at some point hopefully to do a post looking back on his career, because we must focus not on the terribly tragic circumstances surrounding his death, but rather on the unbelievable, unmatchable legacy which he leaves.

From the young, unassuming looking East London boy in a Burberry check shirt discovered by Isabella Blow (I am sure they are both now in some sort of special fashion heaven, one in which casual wear and flat shoes are most definitely not permitted), to international fashion super-talent... Alexander McQueen may have gone, but he will never be forgotten.

Outside his NY store today; image from COACD Twitter.


*Click HERE to view my full tribute post to McQueen and his work from 1994-2010*


  1. Unexpectedly, as I generally don't show much outward emotion when a celebrity dies, I shed tears today over Lee McQueen as well. I think Madeline Kahn has been the only other notable figure I've cried over when I was 17. But McQueen's talent was so great, and he was still so young, that I couldn't help but mourn our loss. I am as irreligious as they come, but I will firmly and steadfastly believe in the fashion heaven that you speak of, as I can't accept an end to a talent this immense.

  2. definitely never be forgotten!!!
    tremendous and visionary talent!!!

    : (

  3. Thank you for the beautiful post. We will all miss him. I'll always remember his influence on my love of art and fashion.

  4. this is the best post i've seen on the mcqueen news...utterly heartfelt and succint. he will be sorely missed!

    RIP McQueen.


  5. I have followed your blog silently for some time now, and thought of you yesterday after I heard the tragic news. I know he was one of your favorite designers. I seem to remember reading about a sweater of his being your "first proper piece of fashion." I wanted to tell you that I am sorry, and that his excellence will never die. His fame and recognition will only grow... I think he is our generation's Christian Dior.

    This was a truly eloquent post. Rest in Peace, McQueen.

    Keep up the great work. I expect great things from you!

  6. i feel the same as above posters.
    i remember i seeing McQueen 10yrs ago in London.
    its been hard to digest the news. For some strange reason i get teary-eyed every time i see/read a post about him lately.
    sorry for babbling im still trying to cope with the news

  7. I still can't get over this you know! He opened my eyes to the world of fashion really and inspired me to get into the industry that I am now in he was truly amazing R.I.P a visionaire now and beyond! :(

  8. cool blog!

  9. I didn't know nor have ever met Lee McQueen either, but after reading your post, I also cried and I mourned the loss and it is a great loss indeed, thanks for the post I think it is a good tribute to his work and his life

  10. I feel now the mean of "nevermore", the only thing we have to learn to overcome and accept in life, how Luc Ferry, one of the great philosophers, said.
    I didn't wanted to belive my aunt when she said to me that day... I went to the bathroom and started to cry.
    I see Him in everithing I do.
    He was one of the main reasons I had a good mood every day.
    He was near me all the time...
    He was like music. And so much more beyond....
    Like Nietzsche said once, that "Without music life would be a misery", I'm suffering now I realised that without Alexander McQueen my life is a misery....... and I just can't erase this feeling, even now...
    No words.
    It's Him, the greatest thing that ever happend in my life...