Sunday, 29 November 2009

Sunday Fashion Pics

So we have a huge folder of, and list of bookmarks to, fashion pictures which we like, which haven't yet fitted into their own blog posts here, so we thought we'd start posting some more regularly as a sort of 'what's inspiring us today' type thing, except they're not really arranged by 'mood' or anything clever like that, it's more just a random-image-drop-of-stuff-we-like.

From top to bottom (image source):

Chanel emblem bag (The Selby).
Playing card nails (Wah Nails blog).
Still from the 2000 documentary Lagerfeld is Never Happy Anyway (Vice Magazine).
Cassette Playa SS08 Future Primitive (Cassette Playa Blog).
Lagerfeld (as before).
90s model Eve Salvail (source)
Eve Salvail Moschino ad (
Street style (Yvan Rodic)
Comme des Garçons shirt (eBay) not a current listing
Kate Moss for Versace FW07 ad (Frillr)
Copenhagen Street Style (Streethearts)*
Numéro edition 50 (Numero) sequin love
Karl Lagerfeld (as before)

* excuse me while I choke in a state of my comparitive hideousness.


  1. good to hear your back in the bloggin' zone. i love tha sectioned off coloured shirt, that is very up my street

  2. Great photos! I love anything and everything Chanel and Karl Lagerfeld. He is so amazing and a genius. Happy Sunday!

  3. hahah I loled at the Karl Lagerfeld quotes haha

  4. * you sell yourself short ;)