Thursday, 12 November 2009

Style Snippets: Louis Vuitton First Aid, Luxirare, Lady Gaga and more

1) Louis Vuitton First Aid Box

LOVE it! Created for the 150th anniversary of the Red Cross, this wonderful one-off Louis Vuitton first aid trunk (so much cooler than their regular monogram bags) will be sold at auction at Sotheby’s in five days to raise money for the charity. Other especially commissioned Louis Vuitton pieces which will also be sold include a photographer’s bag designed by Annie Leibowitz, a dog travel tunk by Marc Jacobs and a medical cabinet by Damien Hirst. Click here to see more.

2) Azzedine Alaïa Studded Shoes

W-O-W! Stunning. £1,120 at Browns.

3) Arena Homme Plus Issue 31

When it comes to editorial men’s fashion, British magazines have a bit of a thing about skinheads by the sea (or skinheads in banal suburban settings), what with all that ‘edginess’ and sexual tension. Often it all seems a bit tortured and contrived, but we do rather like this shot from an editorial in Arena Homme Plus issue 31… the cracked concrete, the familiar-looking but unknown seaside backdrop, the cigarette… it really conjures up a very British, almost quite retro, quite dystopian vibe.. It’s a good piece of men’s fashion photography (despite, um, the lack of clothes to speak of), something which is always rarer to find than in should be.

The rest of the shoot reverts back to all the old homoerotic clichés we’ve seen a thousand times before (half-naked models checking each other out in the shower, dewy-eyed close-ups...), but there are some other strong shots too:

Scans from COÛTE QUE COÛTE - click to see the full story.

4) Luxirare

This part of the post is probably mostly self-serving, because we assume *everyone* already knows about the blog sensation who is Luxirare, but it’s come to the point where we just HAVE to post something about Luxirare because she’s so incredible we just can’t internalise it any longer..

In case you’ve been missing out, here’s what you need to know: Luxirare is a New York girl who is, hands down, the coolest blogger in the world at the moment. Her blog consists of beautifully shot, high-res images of her personal style and of her food and fashion creations. Luxirare has the most amazing personal style (she actually owns the Chanel light bulb illuminated heels and is one of the very few people who could actually make them work), but it’s her food and fashion creations which truly blow the mind. An extraordinary perfectionist, with little formal training, Luxirare makes one-off pieces of clothing which seriously give many well established designers a run for their money, and then there’s her home-made haute cuisine, which would not look out of place in top restaurants:

She brands everything she makes with ‘Luxirare’ labels, and stickers etc. although at the moment she only makes for herself and a few lucky people. We have absolutely no idea how she does it, how she manages to be so beyond perfect and tasteful all the time, but we’re so glad she has started blogging what she does because it truly is a wonderful visual site for food and fashion: it certainly beats reading magazines, and in fact Luxirare really demonstrates why blogs are amazing because she is able to share her passions with the world, and receive well deserved recognition for them, without becoming over-hyped or ‘artificial’ which is always the risk with traditional print/TV media. – click to see the full posts associated with these images, and much more. If you’ve never visited before, you must set aside some time and go through all her post archives because you will *DIE*

5) Lady Gaga's Spring/Summer 2010 Alexander McQueen

Just in case you’ve been unconscious/dead to the world for the last few days:


We’ve had to change our position on THE shows, because now they’re being rocked by totally the right person we kind of love them… such a stroke of genius by Nicola Formichetti (?) to get them into her video so soon after the show.

PS. How amazing is the new minimalist Google with ‘this space intentionally left blank’… here’s to hoping they keep it like that, and it’s not just one of their special themes…

Edit: Apparently it's a new layout Google has been randomly testing on different users for about a month.. shame it's not permanent, yet.


  1. "An extraordinary perfectionist, with little formal training" should read, "An extraordinary perfectionist, with a degree from Parsons".
    Which is sort of a relief, it would be too much for her to handle if she were self-taught. Though she's never mentioned anything about formal culinary experience.
    Though she did once say "Back when I was studying piano at Juilliard"...

  2. I actually mean too much for *me* to handle.

  3. I need to get the Arena Homme mag now.

    also hungry for the haute cuisine 'ice cream' stuff, looks yum, hoping its nitrogen frozen sorbet...

  4. How did i not know about Luxirare!?! Her blog is the most amazing creation i have seen in quite some time. Thanks!

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