Thursday, 12 November 2009

Obsession: Balenciaga Fall/Winter 2006

The Balenciaga FW06 collection was really amazing, probably among our top recent women's RTW collections (along with the floral SS08 Balenciaga collection, but that's definitely worth another post of its own at some point...) so we thought we'd slightly randomly do a post about it. Nicolas Ghesquière referenced the Balenciaga archives, picking up on several of Cristóbal Balenciaga's signature touches like the egg shaped coats and the modish, pure 60s lines of the tailoring and silhouettes, but at the same time the collection felt totally modern and relevant (and indeed it still does):

Images from - click to see entire collection.

The tall riding style hats made for a very elegant and distinctive silhouette, while the chunky ankle boots (the part of the collection we actually like the least as it happens) became an instant cult hit, which lots of people are still desperately trying to track down (cue eBay mania). There was just such a purity and elegance to the collection that it really is a pleasure to look at.

Video of the show:

Vintage 1960s Balenciaga:

Image from A Material World.


  1. Love that you've revived this collection, very well deserved.

    Personally I think it is one of the best collections of this decade. The cuts and sleeve lengths (an extremely important detail) are nothing but perfection. Also, the amazingly constructed, vivid, poofy baroque skirts accentuate the otherwise austere collection perfectly.

    The styling is so phenomenal with the iconic platform booties and equestrian caps. If I was a woman who could choose a single collection to wear in life, it would be this one.

  2. I absolutely love Nicolas Ghesquiere!! He's my favourite designer :)

  3. Loved this as well, especially Coco in the ad campaigns!

  4. Wow, that's a pretty collection. My girlfriend fell in love with every single piece! She wants me to get some of those for her, but I'm afraid they must be really expensive!

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