Sunday, 15 November 2009


First, some good fashion madness:

Image Source: Zimbio.

As soon as we saw the Alexander McQueen SS10 collection, Daphne Guinness immediately sprang to mind as the most likely candidate to be seen in the shoes first, but then Lady Gaga went and got in there first. Never one to be outdone, though, Daphne appeared at an event in New York a few days ago looking absolutely stunning in a full outfit from the collection:

Images from (L) and NY Mag (R).

We really hope she gets her hands on some of the more exotic variants of the shoes (like bejwelled ones or the snakeskin ones) and rocks them too: as amazing as they were in Lady Gaga's Bad Romance video, there's something even more thrilling about seeing them being worn in 'real' situations. NY Mag recently did a rather good slideshow (here) of Daphne Guinness' extreme footwear choices including, of course, several pairs of those heel-less Nina Ricci platforms, which now rather pale in comparison to these McQueens.

And now for some bad fashion madness. Yesterday the Jimmy Choo for H&M collection went on sale, and unsurprisingly there are already thousands of pieces up on eBay and people are buying them for over £100 more than their original retail prices:

The bag originally cost £99.99, but someone thought it was worth £200, while the shoes went for over £100 more than their original price of £79.99. Nothing remarkable about this state of affairs (it's always the case after H&M designer collaborations), but what really stands out about this collection is how BAD it is.

We're not the biggest fans of Jimmy Choo anyway (it's tacky, and seems far too 'middle of the road' for such an expensive brand), but even setting aside this personal prejudice, this H&M collection is just not good largely because, one suspects, they are simply trading off the well-known Jimmy Choo name to flog any old stuff to a celebrity-obsessed, label-hungry public. Thanks to celebrity magazines and blogs, and the general obsession with shoes at the moment, Jimmy Choo is quite possibly the best know brand with which H&M have ever collaborated.

For those into glam Jimmy Choo style shoes and bags, the women's accessories are good, and the (non-eBay) prices seem reasonable enough, although we can't personally vouch for the quality; the rest, however, (the men's and women's clothes and the men's accessories) just confuses us. It seems odd for a brand which solely produces women's accessories to be able to conjure up a women's RTW collection and men's accessories and RTW for H&M. Yes, Matthew Williamson did his first menswear for H&M but that had design integrity, it felt very 'Matthew,' and he's in the business of designing clothes anyway. The Jimmy Choo clothes, to put it bluntly, lacked design integrity and were simply trading off the appeal of being able to get a well-known name on the cheap.

At least the womenswear felt a bit 'Jimmy Choo' in that it was very glamorous, a bit trashy, quite sexy, but honestly, sequin vests, leather leggings, faux fur vests... we've seen it all a million times before, and quite how it justifies higher prices (and queuing for six hours) simply by virtue of being attributed to a famous SHOE brand is quite beyond us. It just doesn't make sense to us at all.. "this is my Jimmy Choo jumpsuit" "wow" "yeah, I had to queue in the rain for four hours and then elbow three girls in the face to get it, but it's JIMMY CHOO and it was only £39.99" Yes, but it's just any old black jumpsuit, marked up in price because it's 'Jimmy Choo,' but it hardly counts as a 'designer bargain' because they don't make jumpsuits anyway: never have, and probably never will. The shoes, the bags... fair game, but the clothes are just purely exploiting people's desire to own something, anything, with a label, any label, sewn into it.

And let's not even start on the menswear, which is like a bad version of Zara basics. You can be absolutely sure it will clog the sale rail for months to come, though, because the words 'Jimmy Choo' do not mean anything to the vast majority of men, and why any guy, except the most label-obsessed, would want to pay premium for a basic pair of jeans with the name of a famous WOMEN'S SHOE BRAND emblazoned on the back, is anyone's guess.

To conclude this mini-rant, the whole concept of the collection is flawed, and it seems very cynical. If they had just done women's accessories, and perhaps men's accessories too, it would have seemed much more palatable, but by trying to beat out two RTW collections, as well as a full range of men's accessories, it seems as if H&M are laughing in the faces of gullible, label-obsessed consumers, without even putting in the effort to provide something as good as their other designer collaborations have yielded.

And what's more, because of tighter security and the use of allocated time slots, no scenes like this have so far been reported, which really knocks the whole thing down a further couple of levels for us, if there is not even any entertainment to be had...

Here's to hoping that Sonia Rykiel for H&M raises the bar for H&M designer collaborations again...


  1. Daphne G irritates me for several reasons...but I know she has a cult following, so I won't digress to a rant about her...BUT, it does prove that the older you get, the maquillage mantra about wearing less makeup is so, so true!

  2. I often find the H&M designer collaborations a little disappointing in general. I think it's just the general feel of tacky mass-market quality to them. They have to appeal to the fans of the brand, but also to someone just going in to H&M. It's quite sad really. Still, I guess there's always the Trend line. That's often much better for something highstreet, I think.

  3. Wow, I really love the Jimmy Choo for H&M collection but the prices on eBay are ridiculous. Daphne actually rocks that outfit pretty well given the fact that no one of this earth should have to wear those 10 inch shoes. Lady Gaga's "Bad Romance" video was phenomenal. One for the ages. Great post! :)

  4. a top rant the haps, some interesting points raised and backed up. and yeah, you are totally right, and so right about the RTW, esp the mens. i havent seen the collections up close, but as the matthew williamson collection did, im sure the prices will be dropped in months to come to try and shifts them. though as least the matthew williamson range had a bit of character. poor show h&m.

    i look forward to the rykiel range, though, no menswears this time.

  5. I think your very right, and the H&M advert makes that very clear. The first thing I thought after seeing the add was; 'Wait a minute, do cameras usually only focus on the bottom 1/3 of a model.'
    They should have focused on the shoes and accessories and had another designer do the clothes, could have been an amazing combination.

  6. Oh this made me laugh. Quite a lot.

    Also I'm not sure how one is supposed to wear a bra like the one shown in the Sonia Rykiel link. Surely it would stick out from under clothes ha.

  7. @ georgeface

    I can only assume it's designed to be worn on top of your clothes in a Lady Gaga-esque way.. nobody who's anybody is wearing their underwear UNDER their clothes any more!