Sunday, 8 November 2009

Fake Fest

When Hapsical was in Marrakech a few years ago, we were amused by all the designer fakes for sale everywhere, especially when the fakers had shown some creativity by inventing items that don't even exist as 'real' (Gucci basketball, anyone?), or by re-interpreting the designers' typeface and packaging (loved the stall selling just the one box of 'Prada' shoes - think we blogged this one before):

Anyway, the reason for this post is that somebody just emailed us a link to a Flickr stream ('The Big Rip Off' by 'Spanier' - link HERE) with pictures of fakes from another North African souk, this time in Tunisia. His pictures are even funnier though, because the brand names on all the products have been altered so they're still recognisable as the big brands we know, but Hugo Boss, for instance, has become Hugu Boos. It's actually quite surreal and it makes us question things like the value we attach to certain brand names:

Real Prada and D&G sold here, obviously...

Click HERE to see more.


  1. oh dear of dear, some of the are right corkers!

  2. wow, its amazing what shit had been produced!!!

  3. Oh my word, this really does take the biscuit. Top finds. Almost spoof-like!

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