Sunday, 22 November 2009

Cycle Chic

First image: Jak & Jil for; Second image: Yvan Rodic.

I've been meaning to post these pictures of super-chic stylist Catherine Baba for a while because, well, wow! Way to cycle in style... when I saw the first picture, I assumed she was just posing with the bicycle, and was no way actually cycling anywhere in those heels, but apparently she bikes all around Paris, in killer heels, turbans, over-size jewellery and big sunglasses no less, as the second picture would also suggest. So beyond fabulous...

Sorry for the recent lack of updates... last week was crazy for work, and this weekend I have been back in London, which has been great. I just feel so much more alive to the world in London than in the 'provinces'...


  1. excellent. i was in london this weekend too, and brighton, that was quite an eye opener

  2. eahh i know what you mean! Big cities are so much more cool! so alive i love love living in a big city there's always things happening!

    And for the images, she's fabulous and and nothing less ! Ha!

  3. I can't believe anyone could cycle in those heels, its sheer madness!
    Good to have you posting again. I'm on the other side, gearing for holidays :)
    The Fake Sartorialist Blog

  4. Cycling in heels and designer duds really is fabulousness to the fullest! Love the pictures!!

  5. bicycles have become so chic these days. I want one!

  6. Well, how do you think she has those legs? Cycling all over Paris!
    Beautiful pictures, by the way. I loved them.
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