Thursday, 20 August 2009

Uncool Alert: "Can I Speak to Mr Dior Please" T-Shirt

We were going to make this an "Oddbox" post but then we realised this t-shirt isn't so much odd as it is just down right bad. Dior Homme has always been a notably commercial high fashion brand, selling lots of very wearable, accessibly designed and fairly plain jeans, jackets, t-shirts, and shirts, along with tailoring and of course a whole host of logo-ed shoes and accessories. Under Hedi Slimane, you didn't notice this fact so much because of the edgy aesthetic he was pushing on the runway (it balanced out the many 'bread and butter' staples they sell, and indeed added a certain legitimacy to it all - a bit like how the extravagant spectacle of the Haute Couture shows help justify in our minds comparatively lower value and plainer purchases from the same brands, like sunglasses and fragrances). Slimane also seemed to have a stronger grip on the whole operation, meaning even among the range of more sellable pieces ill-conceived moments like the above did not occur.

Aside from the fact that the print looks horribly executed and somewhat distorted, like someone having difficulties with Word Art in Microsoft Office (they should have taken a lesson in print from Henry Holland - if only the ship for oversize slogan t-shirt revival hadn't left about a year ago), we just don't get it. And for £135 too... we think Monsieur Dior would like to have a quiet word from beyond the grave with whoever was responsible for this, PLEASE.

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  1. Wow. Somepeople would do anything for a buck... I honestly can see some celeb rocking this shirt on the red carpet with cute jeans and 6 inch heels and then the price would go up to $300.00