Tuesday, 25 August 2009

Sneak Peak: Christopher Kane for Topshop & Goyard Opening

Earlier today, the New York Magazine's rather good fashion blog prematurely posted pictures of the entire Christopher Kane for Topshop collection online (tut tut) which they have since removed at Topshop's request, but not before we saw them all, so we can now join the ranks of smug fashion editors who were invited to the top secret preview in saying "it's uhhhhhmazing but we're just simply not allowed to tell you anything about it yet."

Actually, it really was good but not as uhhhhhmazing as we thought it might have been, but then again it was never going to be possible to replicate the design and detailing of Kane's incredible outfits, with their four figure price tags, on a mass market level so our expectations were probably unrealistically high. The picture above is one of the few images of the collection that's still online, so hopefully we won't get into trouble for re-posting it. The monkey print has been redone with a crocodile, which is quite a bold move given how very similar it is to his mainline (and much more expensive) prints. Everything was short and sexy, and there were lots of little studs/eyelets and mirror details. All will be revealed officially in September.

In other news, and we have 00o00 blog to thank for this, Goyard's much anticipated new store opened on Mount Street in London today, and the giant case concealing the construction site has now gone.

We can't wait to check it out, if only to bemoan the fact that we won't be able to afford anything, save perhaps a cardholder. For full details, see the Goyard website.


  1. That first shirt is so coool!! Very unique and edgy. I love it :)

  2. Goodness, I'm excited about the Topshop line. Why did they post the pictures in the other blog if they weren't allowed? Anyway, I'm glad you salvaged them.

  3. that top is a t-rex treat for sure. i always envy topshops daring prints and concepts compared to topman at the moment

  4. Ooh ta for the Goyard heads-up. Now that it's easily available, I of course don't want it any more but will still go and check the shop out...