Thursday, 27 August 2009

Obsession: Marios Schwab FW09

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One of the most interesting fall/winter 2009 shows last London Fashion Week was Marios Schwab's. Reading about how Schwab had taken inspiration from 'geological expansion' (when rocks crack open under environmental stresses, sometimes revealing crystal formations and minerals) it sounded a bit dubious. Yet any such doubts were knocked aside when the clothes themselves appeared, as they were really stunning and they did capture the geological idea, but in a stylish, non-forced way.

The collection really summed up the best of contemporary London fashion: it was edgy, creative, and original, but at the same time it was never too theatrical and remained attached to reality; technically it was spot-on, with a razor sharp cut and super prints. There was that real London energy to it, but perhaps most crucial was the perfect balance between 'fashion' & 'cool' and underlying style.

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  1. omg. I worked in a Geology Library for most of college and it was SUPER lame. Except of course for all the crazy gemstone/geologic rocks with crazy crystals exploding inside. This is great inspiration.


  2. I really love your blog Galahad.
    Finally did you keep back the Prada shoes?

  3. the whole collection is breathtaking! :D

  4. i love this collection!