Friday, 15 May 2009

Friday Fashion Pics

This post is really just a collection of fashion images which we've come across recently, which we're particularly loving right now.

Above: a Gareth Pugh SS09 outfit photographed for the NY Times Style magazine. The photo is from super-stylist Nicola Formichetti's blog.

The next four images are from Mandi Lennard's blog (link here), which is one of the Colette store blogs, and which is our latest blog obsession. Mandi is a top London PR, whose firm represents designers like Gareth Pugh and Henry Holland, and her blog documents her obscenely cool/fashionable existence in a way that cleverly manages not to make us want to hate her. Oh, and we just LOVE the fact that her personal style simultaneously includes both plenty of Chanel and alarming false nails, currently painted with Nike ticks..

Giles Deacon Louboutins:

That Chanel SS09 bag, carried by LOVE magazine editor Katie Grand:

Love this shot:

Anna dello Russo, fashion editor of Japanese Vogue. Picture is, of course, from the ever amazing Jak & Jil. We've banged on about ADR's extraordinary and lavish personal style before, so we won't do again. All we will say is w-o-w and, in the words of Tommy/Mr Jak & Jil, thank God for fashion enthusiasts like Anna.

We're rather loving Street Style Aesthetic (even though the guy laboriously took our picture at London Fashion Week in February and never used it - oh, the rejection, the shame, the pain of it all!), a lesser known, but high quality, street style site. The picture of this woman in a DvF dress really struck us. The print of the dress is amazing, and very striking in its own right, but we just LOVE the way she's made it all look so effortlessly cool by playing it down with the plain, cropped jacket, and the Converse style shoes with coordinating pink socks. It just all works so well, and looks so easy and laid back, yet chic and stylish at the same time. It's a great photo too, technically speaking.

Finally, we love (*not actively trying here to set a record for number of times the word 'love' has been used in a post) Fendi's spring/summer 2009 ad campaign, shot by Karl Lagerfeld. It's simple, it's not trying too hard, but at the same time it feels fresh and chic (helped by a strong collection of clothes and accessories for the season):

Image from Frillr.
Image from Smile Blog.


  1. The First Fendi dress and Gareth Pugh
    The Geometric consturction and shapes contrast so well with the curves (the massive circle for Fendi and Ruffles for Gareth)

  2. I'm SO head over hells in love with the shoes in the last pic!

  3. I fell in love with the nails.

  4. lovely pictures! toni garrn looks amazing in the fendi ads

    xx, Geri