Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Designer: Jakub Polanka

We've been meaning to blog about Czech designer Jakub Polanka for a little while now because, um, wow... we really love his FW09 collection (oh, there we go again, banging on about winter collections when summer hasn't even properly started yet here), because we're always suckers for that futuristic look (more in terms of a genre of design, than a representation of what we might actually be wearing in the future), and he's executed it very well, with a cool overall aesthetic and strong technical skill. We love the way he has experiemented with cut, and the way the garments hang, particuarly with the cocooning coats and the interestingly draped dresses. Not all particularly wearable, but we overall really like it.

For fall/winter 2008 he did some incredible tailoring, reminscent of 60s Balenciaga:

See more on his website. We wish it had hi-res images of the collections.


  1. don't know exactly how to put it, but, i love these clothes,
    i don't think i would ever wear them, but i really like them!

  2. ohh I'd give up on coloured clothes forever if I could wear these pieces!!! :D

  3. i like the shapes and proportions and varying textures.