Friday, 17 April 2009

Style Snippets: Balenciaga Jackets, Walking in Nina Ricci, Marc Newson for G-Star, and more...

1) Balenciaga SS09 Runway Jackets

Runway images from - click to see entire collection.

For spring/summer 2009, Nicholas Ghesquière produced an extraordinary collection for Balenciaga which, aside from being a visual adventure in sci-fi, displayed lots of innovation in cut, structure, and material. Along with the eerily beautiful, softly layered metallic dresses, the metallic, pleated, 'robot' jackets were easily the most covetable (and extreme) of the pieces shown on the runway. Brown's has just got in stock two variations of this jacket, which we've been marveling at:

They're totally extraordinary pieces (despite the structured, metallic look they are, in fact, 100% silk), and you really can't help but marvel at them, but we're not sure if we're totally converted to the rather boxy silhouette, which isn't the easiest to wear. Don't get us wrong, we're big fans of extreme fashion, and we certainly don't expect everything to be dull and wearable in the way that a cropped black trench coat is, but with a price of £3,260 (approx $4,800 - but probably a little less because of the exchange rate) you really would have to consider buying this jacket as an "investment piece" (as the magazines would say), something that you'd treasure and wear for years, yet there's something about the cut which rather throws us.

As stunning as this jacket is, with its simultaneous allusions to Art Deco glamour, 1930s visions of the future, and indeed a sci-fi vision of the future itself, and with its groundbreaking design and incredible craftsmanship, when it all boils down to actually wearing it, the cut still gets to us a bit, which is a shame really, considering how otherwise amazing it is:

What do you think? If you had the cash would you dress as a sort of humanoid version of the shiny Chrysler Building? Admittedly it isn't styled very well in the picture above, so perhaps we're being unfair - how do you think it could be worn better? Or do you find the shape problematic?

Those dresses also from that collection, though, those dresses... flawless!

Jackets available from Browns.

2) Walking in the Nina Ricci FW09 Shoes

Images from - click to see the entire collection.

You'll undoubtedly remember the ultra-extreme, lethal, fetishistic, sky-high, skyscraper platform, partial heels (phew! - and that description hardly does them justice) from Olivier Theysken's final collection at Nina Ricci (fall/winter 2009), and like us you may have wondered how on earth the models managed to traverse the runway with no accidents/fatalities, and also whether the shoes would ever be available to buy.

A fun video just posted by the team of the wonderful Grazia magazine addresses the first question:

On the issue of whether we'll be able to buy them, the accompanying article (link here) seems to suggest they will be sold come autumn (also backed up by a recent post on the Love Magazine blog about them), so good news all round for fans of extreme footwear.

3) Marc Newson for G-Star

Contemporary product and furniture design star, Marc Newson, famous for his use of fluid, organic forms, has once again teamed up with Dutch denim brand G-Star to produce a small collection of limited edition pieces. And what's more, unlike certain other architect/product designer - fashion collaborations, like Zaha's Hadid's bizarre shoes for Melissa or Philippe Starck's odd sneakers for Puma, the results are actually pretty cool, and we're not left with a should have stuck with what you do best (buildings/products) type feeling:

Recently we've become increasingly interested in 'high fashion sportswear' where designers take ideas and elements from sports and athletic gear and incorporate them into their own designs, often with a reconstruction/deconstruction element, adding a luxe edge in the process... names like Yohji Yamamoto/Y-3, Dries van Noten, Undercover, and Junya Watanabe spring to mind.

Only 100 of each of these pieces, and a few more (not pictured), will be manufactured, and prices will range from €1,000 - €4,000; they'll be sold at stores like Colette and 10 Corso Como this summer. Images are from Wallpaper* - click for more information on the collaboration. See also

4) Alexander McQueen SS09 Geometric Print Clutch Bags

Like us, you may have become slightly obsessed with Alexander McQueen's incredible multi-coloured geometric 'crystal' prints for spring/summer 09 (post we did about them - complete with lots of lovely pictures - here), but there's no escaping the fact that the prices for the full-on pieces are not exactly credit crunch friendly. That's where these rather fabulous clutch bags step in, for those who want to get in on the print action at a rather less wallet busting price of £255 (ok, so not exactly cheap, but a snip compared to the £1,000+ for the jackets and dresses). Available from Net-a-Porter.

5) The Smell of Summer...

Image source here.

For reasons not fully to know to ourselves, we've always rather loved summery, orange fragrances, specifically Acqua di Parma's Blu Mediterraneo Arancia di Capri, which never fails to transport us (in our minds, at least) from rainy London to sunny Italy with its light, zesty citrusy aroma, but recently when we were on holiday we discovered the lovely Eau d'Orange Verte by Hermès (because there were miniatures in the bathroom at one of the hotels where we stayed) which is just as good on the citrus front, if not a touch more sophisticated overall. We're not sure if we'd ever have discovered it otherwise because it's not one of their big fragrances which is advertised a lot, like Kelly Calèche or Terre d'Hermès, but it is a very pleasant, fresh, summery fragrance and we recommend you check it out if you like that sort of scent.

The full range, including soap, body lotion, hand wash, and even perfumed wet wipes, in addition to Eau de Cologne, is available online at Hermè we'll inevitably be stocking up (once we've depleted all the mini hotel toiletries we, um managed to appropriate!)


  1. OMYGOD ...I am DYING over those Balenciaga jackets ...they're so robotic!!! LOVE

  2. I think if you go for a boxy cut jacket like that you have to have something more fitted on the bottom like skinny pants or a pencil skirt. I am amazed that they are made of silk though- they definitely don't look it! As for who would wear it? I could see someone who really loves fashion and has a huge disposable income wear something like that.

  3. Hey H, you've been tagged!

  4. kinda liking those mcqueen clutches

  5. Balenciaga jackets are totally amazing, saw one in i-d magazine this month and fell in love....if only i were rich...

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