Thursday, 30 April 2009

Bad Hapsical

Naomi Campbell in the FW08 Yves Saint Laurent ad campaign - image from Frillr.

"Sorry for lack of updates," has become something of a Hapsical catch phrase this month, and for that we apologise. Don't worry, we're by no means giving up on the blog, it's just there's just a lot going on at the moment, including some rather exciting work we're doing, not to mention a DIY Gareth Pugh-esque jacket we're trying to make in our spare time (we'll update you if it happens). Don't worry, don't give up on us.. we'll be back to normal in no time at all, and a proper level of blog updating should resume this weekend.

The reason for the Naomi pictures (as if we need an excuse to post pictures of our favourite phone-thrower, looking Fierce, with a capital 'f') is that we are about 75% sure we saw her last Sunday in a car in Mayfair. We had been enjoying the sun in Berkeley Square, and when we were crossing the road to leave the square we saw a woman driving a Porsche 4x4 who looked so like Naomi. Instead of crossing, we walked alongside a little because we could see she was about to have to stop to let someone else cross (stalker much?!), but we really couldn't tell. We weren't sure if Naomi even drives herself around (though it was a Sunday afternoon - chauffeur off, perhaps?) and also there's the fact that she doesn't seem to live in London much any more... Still, should we have risked having a Blackberry hurled in our direction, in order to have another Paparazzi Hapsical moment..?

Image source:

The furry hat is by Søren Bach.

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