Monday, 23 March 2009

Obsession: SS09 Alexander McQueen Prints

Images from - click to see entire collection.

There are several aspects of Alexander McQueen's SS09 collection, like some distinctly odd shoes, that we're not sure about, but we simply love the spectacular multi coloured 'diamond' prints which he applied to leggings, dresses, and jackets. The prints looks good both from a distance and close up, while their sharp, geometric lines keep them feeling sharp as opposed to frumpy (although granted only the super-slim will be able to pull off the unforgiving patterned leggings). There's something very McQueen about the audacity of the head-to-toe print outfits, while the sharply cut tailoring and the quality and depth of the print really make them work.

A selection of the pieces available:

All available at Net-a-Porter, except the blue leggings which are from Browns.

The prints are reminiscent of colourful geometric crystal formations, although McQueen couldn't resist slipping in some of his favourite, signature skulls too (if you look closely you can pick them out in a few of the above pieces), perhaps a tongue-in-cheek reference to Damien Hirst's infamous £50 million diamond skull, a 'cultural' emblem of the era of excess that is now fading fast. Perhaps you can read some sort of message along those lines into this collection, despite how extravagant the prints look (and how hefty the price tags of the print pieces are).

The prints seem to us to be both futuristic and at the same time, with their sharp, symmetrical geometric nature, redolent of futurist designs, and graphic design from the 20s and 30s, with a sort of 'brave new world' attitude:


  1. To me, those prints all seem to be heavily derivative of Damien Hirst.

  2. I suppose there are echoes of his Spin paintings too..

    That thought is ruining it a bit for me, because I do not regard Damien Hirst very highly.