Friday, 20 February 2009

Style Snippets

1) Marc Jacobs FW09

Images from Click to see the full collection.

According to the New York Magazine, Anna Wintour's reaction to this collection was “The best thing about the Marc Jacobs show was that it started two minutes early” (we love it, because in these post Devil Wears Prada days that's exactly the sort of thing you expect, and want, Anna Wintour to say) and even though we weren't there, we can emphasise. The lurid neon 80s revival Marc Jacobs went for wasn't easy on the eye, and we can't help but feel the whole neon, 80s, nu rave, thing has been done to death recently. Still, we wouldn't write-off this collection because Marc Jacobs usually knows exactly what he's doing, and by the time the collection hits the stores there will probably be lots of people clamouring for it.

2) The September Issue

More on Anna Wintour - we're insanely behind schedule with this incredibly exciting fashion news, but still here goes: for the Sundance Festival director R.J Cutler produced a documentary film, The September Issue, following Anna Wintour and the Vogue team as they put together the September issue of Vogue. When/if those of us who didn't attend the Sundance festival in Jaunary will be able to see this film remains unclear, but we really, really hope that we will be able to, because it's probably about as close to a real Devil Wears Prada as we're going to get.

The only clip on the internet we've been able to find is this:

The moment where Anna's discussing the accessories story is so brilliant, to the extent that it's almost a parody of The Devil Wears Prada. We.must.see.more..

3) Viktor and Rolf for Samsonite Black Label

We love the quirky, fun design, reminiscent of 50s and 60s jet setting, of the Dutch design duo's collaboration with Samsonite - certainly more than we liked the slightly unsettling Alexander McQueen collection, with its suitcase with protruding rib cage. The collection is available to buy online at Colette, and the prices aren't too horrific (everything is €850 and under). We're not sure if we prefer the glamorous black or the playful aeroplane design, but if we could justify new luggage (and didn't have serious, but unrealistic, Goyard cravings ever present in the back of our minds), we'd go for it.

4) Ladurée Home Fragrances and Beauty Products

We were just recently alerted to the fact that Ladurée, purveyor of expensive macaroons, and beloved tourist shopping destination in Paris (second only to Louis Vuitton in terms of rich Japanese tourists queueing outside), have a small range of home fragrances and beauty products, which had us wondering if it's just a shameless spin-off range, or if the fragrances bear any resemblance to the sweet, sugary smell of their macaroons. Either way, they're probably preferable to the Play-Doh fragrance that we reported on in this post.

5) Victoria Beckham FW09 collection

Images from Click to see full collection.

Following her SS09 collection which took critics by surprise, despite rumours that Roland Mouret had 'assisted' with its design, Victoria Beckham has returned with another collection which is, how can we put this.. surprisingly good for a celebrity range, and coming from a woman who you perhaps wouldn't expect to be a good designer.

We like the minimalism, the sharp tailoring (which still has the strong nods towards Mouret's designs), the choice of (most) of the fabrics, the fact that it's 'fierce'.. We have two concerns though: the first is that it is essentially a dress-up-as-Posh range, which very much mirrors her own distinctive personal style. We're not sure how many women want that look (Kate Moss did a similar thing when she designed for Topshop, although her style is more popular and more accessible), and it would perhaps seem a little odd to be so clearly wearing a celebrity's own look. The second concern is the prices, which are said to range from £850 - £4,000 for a dress, which are on par with long-established high fashion brands. Can the new celebrity designer, whose name was previously associated with tacky jeans and cheap fragrances, command prices like that? As good as some of her designs are, if you were going to spend £1,000+ on a dress wouldn't you prefer to be in the established, safe hands of a name like Lanvin or Prada, or buying into an edgy brand with lots of fashion cachet, like Gareth Pugh or Christopher Kane?

6) Rodarte x Nicholas Kirkwood FW09 boots

First Rodarte teamed up with Christian Louboutin to create those incredible (and lethal) spiky platforms, that are featured in the Hapsical banner, and now their latest collection has included these boots by young British shoe supremo, Nicholas Kirkwood. Although we preferred the FW08 Louboutins (we're gonna have to update the banner soon with something from SS09), these are certainly interesting with the 'mummification' effect, and they more than fulfill the 'fierce' criteria.. (we are trying to stop using the f-word..)

7) WWD Spoof Newsletter

An amusing spoof newsletter email has been doing the rounds, which parodies the fashion world quite successfully (unlike most attempts, which rely on cheap-shot gags, like everyone in fashion being superficial dim blondes). Named WWWWD, as opposed to WWD, the fashion industry news site, stories include:

"THE PARENT TRAP: Bee Shaffer* shocked to learn most parents don’t have yearly hug limits"
*Anna Wintour's daughter

"Disoriented Palestinian Refugee Walks Chanel by Mistake, Becomes Official Karl Lagerfeld Muse"

"Henry Holland Upbeat Despite CAPS Lock Malfunction: British Designer Recalls Unfortunate Batch of Lowercase Neon T-shirts"

Via New York Magazine. Follow this link to download the full 8 page newspaper.


  1. Ooh, I love the first picture! Very edgy! Your blog is very cool; I'll be sure to check back soon! If you could, please give me some feedback on my own fashion blog, Thanks, and I wish you the best of luck!


  2. rodarte, bloody awsome. my girlfriend is going to attempt to knit some of tights inspired by that "furry" colection