Sunday, 25 January 2009

Sunday Style Snippets

1) Alexander McQueen's Magritte Feet

First it was Longchamp taking inspiration from the famous surrealist artist with their 'Ceci est un It bag,' and now it seems Alexander McQueen has been inspired by Magritte's painting 'The Red Model' (which depicts a pair of hollow human feet as boots) for these creepy shoes from his ss09 collection. (runway pic from

2) British Vogue: The New Frontier

British Vogue may not be as daring as French Vogue and Italian Vogue, but they've come up trumps with this futuristic shoot, The New Frontier. Buy the current issue, or go to their website, to see more.

3) Save Anna

Following the (seemingly unfounded) rumours that Anna Wintour might be leaving American Vogue, art director Christopher Lee Sauvé has come up with this rather wonderful SAVE ANNA t-shirt. See his website for stockists.

4) Dolce & Gabbana SS09 advertising

We always loved Dolce & Gabbana's high camp (and usually controversy causing) advertising. Dolce & Gabbana's not really one of our top brands, but their adverts are so visually rich and fun, we can't help but like them in a slightly bad way.

5) Not Donatella!

Poor Donatella Versace.. about a month ago the 'blogosphere' went wild after a British tabloid newspaper, The Daily Mail, published this picture of her looking wrinkly and old on holiday in the Caribbean. We suspected at the time that it wasn't her, and this now seems to have been confirmed and the original article has vanished without explanation from the Daily Mail website, and Donatella is apparently considering legal action! Unfortunately for her the damage has already been done, because the image spread like wildfire across blogs and discussion boards.


  1. I completely agree with you re Dolce & Gabbana. I generally don't like any of their lines, but I get a kick out of their advertisements for sure.

  2. love magritte to bits, i have one awsome book on his life and work.

    and i agree about the D & G adverts, they make you stop flicking and look, even if it is something totally wrong. thats their job and it works!

  3. Dolce & Gabbana are doing fantastic job, I think. And, I love this shoes.


  4. Mat Ahoy, I agree, Magritte's a fantastic artist. I am always particularly haunted by his painting which is in the Tate Modern's permanent collection (I think) which depicts some ground-level buildings and scenery where it's dark, night time, but above there's blue sky with small white clouds. He did several, I think one's called The Empire of Light.

    Funnily enough Moschino's fw09 Milan men's collection was supposedly surrealist themed with an emphasis on Magritte, but sadly it extended to little more than the odd bowler hat here and there.

  5. Ha. I read that about Moschino's collection, but when I saw the photos, there was a real disconnect between what I had hoped I would see and what was actually there.

    And I'll second (third? fifth?) the love for Magritte. He seems to be popping up as an influence a lot lately. Or, perhaps he's timeless enough that he's always acting as an influence, and I'm just paying more attention.

  6. ah yes i know the painting you are on about! i didn't realise it was in the tate, steve at style salvage has a notebook with that painting on the front.

    a bowler hat, pffft that isn't much of a reference is it.