Wednesday, 28 January 2009

SS09 Haute Couture: Christian Dior

The Haute Couture shows in Paris haven't finished yet, but before we do a recap of them all we thought we'd post about Dior by John Galliano, given that Dior is usually the Haute Couture highlight for us. The house of Dior really comes into its own with Haute Couture (and you couldn't ask for a more appropiate desinger than Galliano), and it's a time when we can forget all the bad Dior moments of the recent-past (ghastly pink monogram, J'adore t-shirts, tourists in tracksuits posing for pictures outside Dior stores, hideous moonboots..), and focus on what they do best, which is wonderfully rich and extravagant couture.

There had been much talk about whether Galliano and others would tone down their collections because of the credit crunch, but thankfully there has been scant evidence of any such nods towards austerity. Instead, Galliano talked about "our job to make people dream" which on the face of it sounds rather patronising, but given that the vast majority of us couldn't afford Haute Couture before the economic downturn (and apparently those who could before still can) there would be little joy for anyone in seeing the collections toned down.. Haute Couture has never been about practicality (or indeed reality), and for the vast majority of people it's been about fashion fantasy and in these increasingly difficult times we think that can be appreciated more than ever.

Galliano's confections were as breathtaking as ever: the show is rumoured to have cost £2 million, and some of the outfits towards the end with their ruffling and maxi-volume skirts were just incredible, even though some of them looked so rich and sugary that those Barbie birthday cakes did spring to mind..

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  1. Haute Couture is always question of art. Gorgeous collection.


  2. I'm a bit tired of Galliano's costume parades. If it is supposed to be art give the man a exhibiton in a museum then?