Monday, 26 January 2009

Scandinavian Designer: Ulrika Sandström

Aesthetically pure simplicity with small design twists... the Scandinavian formula gets us every time. This collection by Swedish designer Ulrika Sandström was inspired by "waitresses and old fashioned household staff," and we love how it effortlessly moves from a Balenciaga shaped dress in the first pic, to experimental Margiela style shoulders, to a simple but cute graphic t-shirt. It does lack the originality and innovation of top designer (or fashion graduate) collections, but for easily wearable, fun, yet elegant pieces, we love it.

See more on her website.

Next up is a rather lengthy summary of the Paris men's shows; if this doesn't interest Hapsical's female readers, they might instead like to check out British Vogue's hilarious guide to Milan's male models. This is partly why we love British Vogue, because you can't imagine the other Vogues (which take themselves more seriously) coming up with stuff like "One sprinkle of stubble + perfectly rippled thighs = yes please"(!) Then just scroll down here - we promise there's more good stuff further down.


  1. I love your blog.
    I´ll add you to my links(and lookbook fan too)
    love the secon look.Gorgeous!

  2. wow, i love all those dresses, they're awesome.