Saturday, 29 November 2008

Style Snippets

1) Giuseppe Zanotti cut-out platforms:

!!!! Picture from Jak&Jil (which we’re so obsessed with it's borderline inappropriate!)

2) Miuccia Prada in London

Mrs Prada made a rare appearance in London last week for the launch of the new Double Club in Islington (yes, that’s right, Islington – is Islington now hip again?!), accompanied by her surprisingly badly dressed son (when the queen of fashion is your mother there is really no excuse). We’ve been reading a lot about the Double Club, so we'll have to go and check it out at some point.

Also at the launch was 90s model Kristen McMenemy, wearing a very dodgy dress, but working the grey hair trend we reported a while back (though we think she’s been doing it since way before then anyway - also,just to clarify, in case the lawyers come calling, we think that's just an unfortunate shadow making her legs look wide!).

Pics are from the Evening Standard Magazine (good old Standard Magazine, where would we be without our weekly does of vapid London high-society gossip?!)

3) Elle Italia by Ruven Afanador

Elle Italia isn’t a magazine we’d normally think of getting, but the latest issue boasts an exciting editorial by famous fashion photographer Ruven Afanador, which is quite creepy but at the same time not over-laboured or clichéd:

More here.

4) Temperley London Apple Bag

Tacky but LOVE. Available from Luisa via Roma. Reminds us of the now infamous custom-made Hermès Apple Holder:

If anyone wants to buy us an early Christmas present, our apples have been feeling a bit unloved and under-dressed recently...


  1. Oh, it's creepy indeed! In fact I think Vogue Italy is creepy alltogether. It's a strange atmosphere in their pictorials, something dusty and obscene... Don't know how to describe it exactly, but have noticed that too? (maybe I'm the only one creeped out by their work)

    Oh.. The Apple holder... Such exquisite snobbishness!

  2. Love those Zanotti shoes!
    Love Kristen McM's long grey hair.
    Love the Italian Vogue creepy fashion layout!
    I'd Love a date with Miuccia's son!

  3. I'm glad there's so much love going round ;)

    PS Love your username too!

  4. Forgot to mention Love Hapsical Blog too!
    I look it up everyday.
    Cheers luv!