Monday, 24 November 2008

Oddbox: House of Holland Bag

Another week brings another Oddbox candidate: the €1160 (that’s approx £988) House of Holland furry ‘thing’. How can you put something by lovely Henry in Oddbox, we hear you cry. Well, the main problem is that we're not exactly sure what it is. A friend thinks it could be one of those Scottish bags that are worn over kilts (not sure what they're called.. where's our inner Scot when we need it?), and indeed she may well be onto something. Our issue though is the price, given how small it is, and the fact that coloured fur and feathers together don't exactly agree with us. Coloured fur is always a danger zone, but it doesn’t have to end in disaster. Brightly coloured feathers are risky, but not impossible to pull off. Coloured fur, a bag, blue, yellow feathers, and shiny gold hardware combined is, however, not our ideal combo. Sorry Henry! We loved the electric purple tartan from that collection, though.

Awww, wouldn't it make a cute low-maintenance pet though?

Available from Colette.


  1. It surely is ugly! But it draws attention. And these days, it matters a ho'lot more than having an eye for style...