Sunday, 30 November 2008

Jefferson Hack & Anouk Lepere's bag..

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Ever since we saw this Sartorialist pic of Jefferson Hack (co-founder and editor of Dazed & Confused, aka 'father of Kate Moss's child') and his fiancée, Belgian model Anouk Lepere, we've been thinking about their bag of choice (because we have too much time on our hands) which is a re-usable 'eco' shopper from Daunt Books (a beautiful wooden-fitted bookshop in London which specialises in travel books, but sells lots of other books too from their Marylebone shop, and few other branches), and we rather love it for a number of reasons.

Of course being Jefferson Hack and Anouk Lepere helps enormously in making a cheap canvas shopping bag look cool, but it's a perfectly nice bag anyway (with the added intellectual posturing and good taste cachet which comes with Daunt Books), and it's more appropriate (and original) than being seen with, say, a giant Chanel shopper in the current economic climate. What's more, we're always hearing that what fashion editors wear sets the pace for what everyone will be wearing in a few month's time, and this is a very accessible look which anyone can rock. And because it's Jefferson and Anouk we're paying attention, not laughing at them as we would be if they were celebrities. We also love the idea that we might run into Jefferson Hack browsing travel guides in one of their stores too. A quick rummage around here has found no Daunt bags, but we have found a Daunt bookmark (does that count?), which we've rather appropriately now put in one of Jefferson Hack's other magazines..

What, you didn't expect us to find a book to put it in did you?! This is a fashion blog after all...

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  1. I LOVE my Daunt bag and you can buy them online now too at their website, although you wouldn't want to miss out on the lovely shops!