Thursday, 30 October 2008

What happened to Bond girls?

Gemma Arterton at the Quantum of Solace premier in London last night, wearing Balmain:

Unspeakable. And let's not forget Eva Green, who had one of her characteristic 'frock horror' moments at the Casino Royale premier a year or so ago:

Since when did 'Bond girl' become the byword for bad taste? We don't usually fall for nostalgia, but taking note from the good old Bond girl days would be the best way to go for these two contemporary style reprobates...

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  1. My guess is they're so fed up with the Bond sci fi ideology, they instantly believe to be Bond Girls in the real life too. So everything they wear turns to bond-perfectly. Yikes! Or maybe Gemma was into the Halloween spirit somehow..

    As far as Vesper goes, she was pretty much Eva Green from tip to toes and backwards. So Eva dressed up like that was a world of promotion for her Vesper character.