Thursday, 30 October 2008

Seven New York Fragrances

Our favourite New York store has just launched something rather exciting, namely six scents, in a series imaginatively named Six Scents, which is an ongoing project whereby each year six prominent designers are asked to design a fragrance which is then sold in limited numbers to raise money for charity. What’s really amazing is that among this year’s designers are Hapsical faves Jeremy Scott, Gareth Pugh, and Bernard Willhem. Now, if Raf Simons had done one we’d actually be leaping on a plane right this minute to be the first in the queue when they are launched, but still it’s an exciting range of designers and we’re so curious to know what they’ll smell like.

How do you think Gareth Pugh’s aesthetic translates into fragrance? It’s apparently “a struggle between lightness and darkness,” and containins dill, black pepper, (both great on smoked-salmon), nutmeg, palissander, black tea, amyris, white amber, and musk. This will be a rare opportunity to get scents from these designers because it’ll be a long way down the line, if at all, when they launch their own commercial perfumes. Each one costs $85 and is numbered 1-2,000.

All we’re smelling right now, however, is the bitter stench of envy, since a trip to New York won’t be on the cards for us for quite a while, by which time these will probably all have sold out, meaning we’ll never get to know what Jeremy Scott smells like…

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  1. loving your blog. I'm in NY so i might just go pick up a bottle of the limited scents. thanks