Tuesday, 21 October 2008


When we were putting together our fashion-inspired-by-art story, we came across this Giambattista Valli coat, and it's been mildly troubling us ever since:

The first point of contention is the shape: does it really give you that almost Action Man silhouette, with the tiny waist and over-developed arms and shoulders, or has the background been cropped out badly, taking some of the coat with it? Things get odder still since this is not a fur coat (despite the €2,000 price tag) but is rather a 'fox fur print' coat, filled with feather down. In other words, it's a Moncler-style puffer coat, masquerading as a fox fur coat.

Aside from whether printed-on fur (granted it's a fun idea) looks good, we're a bit confused about who'd buy this: if you're anti-fur or after a non-fur winter coat it seems unlikely you'd spend €2,000 on something that promotes fur wearing, yet if you don't mind fur and have several grand to drop on a coat surely you'd go for the real deal (or at least for something that doesn't make you look like the Incredible Hulk gone fluffy?).

Available here.

Edit: we'll have to take back that last bit about nobody wanting it: apparently there's only one left in stock, in size 42. Hurry, hurry!


  1. Hmm, can't say I'm impressed at all. It's completely bizarre - and not at all in a good way, either.

  2. Looks puffy and snow-ish! Could do the trick for a movie costume (if it's about Snow White!)